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What do delegates expect from my company in a meeting?

What do delegates expect from my company in a meeting? Executive Connect is presented to delegates as an initiative that can provide them information and knowledge, high-level networking and ultimately help them drive forward their business.

When scheduling meetings, we inform the delegates what your company does and give a brief profile on your products and services. If you have noted anything specific in the portal that you would like to discuss, then we will also let the delegate know this.

We recommend that the conversation is open, addressing their needs. The right approach will go a long way to engaging with your audience.

How long is a standard meeting?

Most meetings will last approximately between 30-45 minutes. For your flexibility, we will schedule meeting for one hour in case the meeting lasts longer than planned.

How do I see my scheduled meetings?

Once we have agreed a meeting with both parties, it will be added to the portal for you to view. You will also be able to view it in your calendar.

When will I receive my schedule of meetings?

You can review your current schedule in real time 24 hours a day from our portal.

Will TM Forum staff be present in the meetings?

During the four-week event period, we will not be present in your meetings. Externally, we will be able to see if everyone has joined and in the rare event that a delegate is late, we will contact them for you. We will have the capability to join the meeting briefly to give your team a status update.

meeting guidelines


A laptop or PC with an integrated webcam or external high-resolution webcam should be sufficient to provide a good quality connection.

Internet connection

Please use a dedicated broadband internet connection with minimum of 10Mbps up and down speed. Where possible, a cabled connection to the internet provides a better and more stable connection, however if connection is only possible via wi-fi, please ensure a strong signal by turning off or removing from the network any other internet enabled devices prior to the test and live broadcast session.

To test the speed of your connection, please log onto www.speedtest.net


  • Windows OS: 7+ running latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Edge are preferred. IE 11 on Windows 10 is also supported.
  • Mac OS: 10.10+ running or the latest version of Firefox or Chrome is preferred.
  • Browser Configuration: The browser must accept cookies and have JavaScript enabled.


To ensure the best quality, we advise you use a headset which is either wired or wireless. A good quality speaker is recommended when possible, this will provide better sound than your computer’s built-in system.

Positioning and background

Select a quiet well-lit location where you are unlikely to be interrupted, with an uncluttered background and with no outside window behind or close to you unless there are shutters or blinds to filter direct sunlight. Please do not position yourself directly between your camera and a bright window. Instead, position yourself facing a window so that the light from the window falls onto your face.


It is worth considering the flooring and furniture in the area, fabrics can avoid muffles and echoes. Try to make your background as clear as possible – having distracting objects in the background can take away from the meeting.

To create the best frame for your image over webcam, please ensure the camera is positioned at eye level so that you are able to look directly into the lens. Ideally you should be far enough away from the lens to include your shoulders and upper chest in the frame, without too much space above your head.


If you are in a room without any natural light, switch the lights on in the room and also consider placing a standard lamp/bedside light with a lampshade next to your computer to put some light on your face.

If you have an angle poise lamp you could angle that into your face but if that’s a bit harsh you could always sellotape a piece of white paper to the front of the lamp, making sure you leave space around the lamp for air to circulate. Keep your camera on whilst testing the various lighting options to see what works best for you.


During the meeting

Please look at the camera when speaking and please keep eye contact. Mute your microphone when not speaking to help avoid any background noise influencing the meeting. If you share your desktop, ensure all other documents except the ones for the video are closed and minimize anything that may pop-up when sharing, for example other chats.

If you need further assistance, please email your TM Forum contact – we will be on hand if you need us.

Please contact us with any questions at [email protected]