Lane 3 - Open APIs

These sessions will be run as a spec jam and masterclass. All attendees will learn how to develop Open APIs and will also get hands-on practical experience. The sessions are open to all who want to develop TM Forum Open APIs for their member project.

The objective is to accelerate Open API specification and conformance development. By meeting face-to-face we can remove blockers and accelerate the work. It is also an opportunity to initiate new team members, bringing in new developers from APAC to grow and strengthen the project.


  • A technical summary of the status of the APIs and environment
  • An update on recent design guideline decisions
  • Conversion of V4 to V5 APIs
  • Development of automatic conversions capabilities for v4 to v5
  • DevOps evolution
  • Developing v5 Design Guidelines and Patterns
should attend?
  • We welcome newcomers to these sessions, especially developers interested in getting involved in the development of vital Open APIs.
  • Existing members of the Open API member project will also add considerable value to the sessions.