Lane 2 - ODA Components & Canvas

ODA Component and Canvas Masterclass and Spec Jam

The session will begin with an introduction to TM Forum's Components and Canvas. You will learn about the components as the building blocks of the Open Digital Architecture (ODA), and the ODA Canvas in which they operate.

Once you are aware of the concepts. the session will develop into a hands-on spec jam. So, bring your laptop and be prepared to work alongside experts from other companies to build the ODA component and canvas specifications.

The primary objective of these sessions is to attract new members to the project and show how, together, we can expand the component and canvas specifications. However, it is not just for newcomers. We will also be developing new specifications and existing components, so Canvas project members will be essential to make the workshop a success.


  • By the end of the week, participants will understand: ODA, Components & Canvas Project, Components specification and canvas, mapping of components in relation to wider Frameworx context, MODA, and the relationship with API resources.
  • Development of new or existing component and canvas specifications.
should attend?
  • These sessions are ideal for newcomers interested in learning about the ODA Components and Canvas and getting involved in the member projects developing them.
  • Existing members of the ODA Components and Canvas member project will also bring considerable value to the sessions.