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Since 2007, TM Forum’s Excellence Awards have recognized the world’s leading companies for innovative achievements spanning digital transformation, business and IT agility, customer centricity, cross-industry partnering and collaboration, and product and service innovation across six event themes.   

This year the 95 entries received from 23 countries were judged by a panel of 22 independent industry experts.  As a neutral, non-profit organization, TM Forum ensures that the awards are impartial, celebrating important examples of industry success and delivering valuable peer recognition.

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AI, data & insights


China Unicom with Huawei – China Unicom’s AI-based network operations and management platform uses data to automate and simplify national network planning, operations and management, while improving customer experience, cost-effectiveness and sustainability as it rolls out 5G networks and services.

Dialog Axiata has democratized the use of data analytics, giving employees in each business unit the data analytics capabilities they need to quickly solve business problems and provide exceptional customer experience across multiple business verticals.

Autonomous operations


China Mobile with Huawei – China Mobile has customized its autonomous networks methodology to slash 5G OpEx, developing an implementation architecture and level-based evaluation system to transform network Operations & Maintenance across its 31 subsidiaries. 

Beyond connectivity


TELUS Health  TELUS has bridged silos to expand healthcare in Canada and beyond, fulfilling its vision of patient-friendly access to healthcare around the world and contributing to better health outcomes for 12 million Canadians. 

Cloud native IT & networks


DITO Telecommunity with Whale Cloud leveraged cloud native IT and network architecture to launch a green field operator commercially in just 10 months, creating a community around a world-class service, based on a high-quality network and differentiated customer experience.

Customer experience & trust


Airtel with Amdocs – Airtel reduced customer frustration to near-zero levels, introducing AI-driven automated operations to their existing business support systems and creating a unique Customer Frustration Index to measure experience improvements in real time. 

48 from Three Ireland with Torry Harris Integration Solutions – Three Ireland’s trusted youth brand, 48, disrupted the Irish market with a unique digital experience, giving customers control over how they use monthly data. 

Human factor


Libyan International Telecom Company (LITC) with Makman Technology Consulting – LITC’s cultural transformation, through investments in employee upskilling and expansion in the face of a pandemic and conflict, helped build a stable foundation for new service launches, business growth and international expansion.

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Autonomous operations award

Recognize companies that can demonstrate how they have overcome autonomous operations challenges and can demonstrate that their specific approach to automation resulted in tangible business improvements such as operational efficiency, improved customer experience, time to market and more.

Cloud native IT & networks award

Recognize companies that can demonstrate how they have overcome either cloud native IT or network challenges and can demonstrate how they made a tangible impact on their ability to leverage cloud native technology or how they have bridged the gap between IT and networks in their business. 

This award will have two winners, one for cloud native IT and one for networks. 

Digital experience & trust award

Recognize companies that can demonstrate how they have conquered digital experience and trust challenges and can prove a definite impact on digital experience metrics such as NPS, churn/loyalty, usage of digital touch points, ARPU uplift, or growth in market share. 

Beyond connectivity award

Recognize companies that can demonstrate how they have overcome beyond connectivity challenges and can demonstrate a quantifiable impact on their ability to develop new revenues and new lines of business beyond connectivity. 

AI, data & insights award

Recognize companies that can demonstrate how they have overcome AI, data and analytics challenges and can demonstrate a tangible impact on their ability to leverage advanced analytics and AI in customer experience with a specific focus on improving overall operational efficiency. 

The human factor award

Recognize companies that can demonstrate how they have solved a human factor challenge and can demonstrate how they have made a noticeable impact on culture, organizational structure, ways of working, employee wellbeing, or employee transparency. 

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