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Business Architecture

Lane 3 | 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm | Time zone: CET

In part 1 of the session the Business Architecture team, having published the baseline materials of the Business Capability Map, Use Cases and Introductory Guide, will host a working session to seek feedback from the wider membership allowing for these baseline assets to shift from Alpha to Beta publications this year. 

Part 2 of the session: Reference Implementation: In addition, the team is working on how these assets can be applied to a new initiative inside the telco business. This comprehensive reference implementation will demonstrate how to gain the maximum benefit of the assets of business assurance for a new initiative to be launched inside the telco business. 

Engagement & Feedback that allows the Business Architecture materials to move to Beta.
To finalize a new initiative application with a detailed reference implementation of the key elements of Business Architecture to a real implementation by a CSP.